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Remote people management, upgraded.

Quiteoften uses machine learning, automation, and the science of motivation, achievement, and teamwork, to help managers drive alignment and build strong connections with remote workers.

busy manager

Managing remote workers takes a lot of time from team leaders. This is time better spent connecting with their people.

time sink

Taking notes, sharing outcomes, follow-ups


Updating numerous shared documents


Searching information in multiple systems

time sink

More meetings, more preparation


Context switching during video calls

time sink

Requesting updates on decisions and actions

Quiteoften - 1on1 software for Gmail

We fix remote work for managers

  • Zero note-taking during calls thanks to automatic transcripts with summaries

  • Organized lists of items for discussion and action with each person

  • Suggestions of topics using AI and best practices in management and leadership

  • Meeting records that are easy to search, reference, and share

  • Integration with main communication and productivity tools

An elegant system to organize and automate the workflow of managing remote people

One-to-one Meeting Rooms

  • Web-based secure video conferencing

  • No distractions, no context switching

  • Zero note-taking, all done by AI

  • Structure and clarity for meetings


detailed meeting records

  • Indexed transcripts with summaries

  • Easy to find, easy to share

  • Easy to reference in follow-up meetings

  • Supports accountability and follow through


async collaboration

  • Collaborative living backlog

  • Source of truth for discussions and actions

  • Integrates with external tools

  • Sets the stage for great meetings


team relationship management

  • Organized log of conversations

  • Provides the context for stronger work relationships

  • Save time preparing for development and performance discussions


We take privacy very seriously

The conversations that happen in the app are strictly confidential.Our only goal is to help teams work better together and achieve more. Our technology is built for that purpose.At any time, before or during a call, any participant can go "off the record" to stop the transcriptions.Transcripts are always visible to both participants, who can delete or redact content.


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Work Better Together

Work better together

We believe work can be an opportunity for people to grow, create strong relationships and rely on each other to achieve amazing results.

A strong culture of ongoing development and growth is fundamental for that.

Our goal is to use the best available knowledge from the science of achievement, motivation, and team performance, to guide leaders through the process of building an amazing culture of high-performance, development, and growth in their companies.

Culture is what you do

A company's culture is what people do on a daily basis when no one is there to tell them what to do.

Simply put, culture is behavior. To build a company culture, you must design and shape the behaviors you expect from people.

But changing behaviors is hard...

We draw from decades of breakthroughs in the areas of behavioral sciences, particularly Behavioral Economics, to create solutions that produce enduring and positive behavior change.


Hi, I'm Gabriel, CEO and founder of Quiteoften 🖖

For 10 years, I was Managing Director of one of the world's most innovative marketing research agencies.

I worked with some of the best known and loved brands in the world, helping them use behavioral sciences to grow their businesses.

I always loved ideas and finding ways of bringing them to life. I believe creativity and collaboration create a better world for all of us.

Quiteoften is an indie SaaS company where I apply my management and behavioral sciences background to make a positive impact in the workplace.


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